Season 3, Episode 1: Now is the Start



It’s Day 1.  I’m sitting on my couch watching The Walking Dead marathon (cause nothing says happy new year like zombies), and marveling at the fact that this is SEASON 3 of theRorishow, Holy crap, guys.  The 3rd season of me learning (however ungracefully) how to be the star of my own show. And though I don’t quite know what this upcoming season has in store (if it’s the zombie apocalypse I’m totally screwed), I will try to embrace it with a heart wide open.

If you’ve been tuned in to tRs for any time at all, you know of my affinity for lists.  And goals.  Especially at the beginning of a brand new year.  So here’s (hopefully) what you (and I) can expect to see on theRorishow in the coming 364 days.

In 2014, I hope to:

-Learn to walk in heels.  Like a proper lady.

-Go on dates.  Or at least 1.  This is a leftover from last year.  Because I failed.

-Also, get kissed.

-Quit my thankless state job.  And get my dream job.

-Write.  Like a mother.

-Read.  All the books.

-Update my wardrobe.  To further my not looking like a homeless.

-Go on a mission trip.

-Learn to sew.  Because I need to make my own Dragon Con costumes.

-Wear more makeup (see not looking like a homeless).

-Be more generous, gracious, grace-filled.

-Be more awesome.  

Most of all, I think for 2014 I want peace.  For me and others.  I hope to be able to do my part to bring a little bit of it.  I certainly think we could all use some.

Happy 2014, y’all!  

What are your goals for this brand spanking new year?


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